Friday, August 8, 2008

Winners &Losers

Winner: Annette Taddeo - She's all over the blogs getting great support in Florida and beyond.

Winner: Florida science students - Florida Citizens for Science is on the case, our students should be better off.

Winner: Kevin Beckner - Getting big endorsements from the St. Pete Times and Equality Florida.

Loser: Floridians - You should've listened to us and voted against Amendment 1. There may not be an end to state/local budget problems in the near future.

Loser: Charlie Crist - He's clueless, he doesn't show up for work, he's pursuing a quixotic campaign for VP and he's selling out himself and Floridians.

Loser: Darryl Rouson - Hate is hate, even if you don't remember it (or pretend not to).

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