Sunday, March 29, 2009


The latest links to the information you need to counter right-wing spin...

Tea Party Tantrums: GOP Astroturf Groups Failed to Hit the History Books Before Fomenting Revolution

NY Times mag profile of global warming skeptic uncritically repeats false comparison with '70s global cooling theory

CNBC allows Gregg to forward small-business tax falsehood

Conservative media run with dubious SkyNews claim of Obama "teleprompt blunder"

Hannity falsely claimed Obama has proposed UK-style nationalized health care

Hannity, Gingrich spread falsehoods to bolster Gingrich's claim that Dems are moving U.S. toward "dictatorship"

Petraeus: I don’t agree with Cheney that Obama has made the country more unsafe

Fox's Cavuto, Baier repeat falsehood that Employee Free Choice Act would eliminate secret ballot

Dobbs falsely claimed Pelosi said "immigration law enforcement is, quote-unquote, 'un-American"

On Fox, Cavuto and Levin falsely claimed Obama administration wants to limit executive pay for all companies

Taking Down The GOP's "Obama's Too Busy" Meme

ANALYSIS: Conservative Budget Alternative Saves Average CEO $1.5 Million Every Year

Tax Reform Doesn't Make People Flee

Cost of uninsured adds $1,100/year to premiums of insured families

Fox News Attacks Barney Frank For Accurately Characterizing Scalia’s Views As Homophobic

Washington Post Obeys Right Wing Talking Points, Calls Cap And Trade System A ‘Tax’

Politico published Bauer op-ed that advanced 61-detainee falsehood

NY Times falsely claimed that Obama "campaigned as an antiwar candidate"

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