Sunday, March 29, 2009

Alaskan State Legislator Outs Anonymous Blogger -- Confirms Self As Douchebag

This is really wrong. Don't legislators have more important things to work on? Especially when your governor is Sarah Palin?

Throughout recent elections, bloggers have become an increasingly important part of our political landscape, taking politicians and the media to task, demanding accountability, raising money for candidates, and organizing in force. Many, if not most, bloggers and blog readers remain anonymous for a variety of reasons. For a long time, I was also anonymous, fearful I would receive retribution at my now former job. But I spoke out using my anonymous handle "Scout Finch" because the injustices in this country were mounting and I could bear no more. I took inspiration from the legions of other pseudonymous bloggers, including many with funny names like Kos, Meteor Blades, Devilstower, and KagroX. They were influencing the debate and inspiring me to join the conversation.

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