Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Action Alerts

Sign the petition: Support Equality in Florida (EQF)

Send an e-mail: Fight the Florida Gay Adoption Ban (ACLU)

Send an e-mail: Prioritize children and children's health (CHF)

Send an e-mail: Protect Floridians from Discrimination (ACLU)

Sign the petition: Ban Canada's Annual Seal Slaughter (IFAW)

Sign the petition: Stop the AIG Bonuses (MoveOn)

Sign the open letter: Fix CNBC! (PCCC)

Sign the petition: Food Democracy Now!

Sign the petition: Stand up to media attacks on pre-k (NSFS)

Make a phone call: Call Your Legislator: Protect Communities and Streams from Devastating Mining Support the Clean Water Protection Act! (Sierra Club)

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