Saturday, April 26, 2008

Action Alerts

Send an E-mail - Urge your state lawmakers to support a $1 increase in the cigarette user fee. (TFK)

Donate Money - Tom Feeney Has Got to Go. (FDP)

Donate Money - To support NARAL.

Sign the Petition - Co-Sponsor Education For All Act. (One)

Sign the Petition - There's a despicable new TV ad paid for by the North Carolina Republican Party that's earning swift and severe rebukes - even from Republicans. Republican Senator Elizabeth Dole has the power to stop this garbage. One call to her friends at the North Carolina Republican Party takes this ad off the air forever. (DSCC)

Donate Money - Help fired Vignolo activists get their jobs back and win a union contract. (UFW)

Sign the Petition - Senator McCain: Stop Insulting Women. (CREDO)

Send an E-mail - Tell senators not to oppose moratoria on harmful Medicaid regs. (MHA)

Send a Letter - Five Years Is Five Years Too Many Stop Paying for the Military Occupation of Iraq. (UFP)

Tell your Story - Your Story Could Impact Medicare Policy Today and for Years to Come! (AARP)

Send an E-mail - Republicans Block Ledbetter Fair Pay Act -- But it's Not Over! Write Your Senators Today! (NOW)

Sign the Petition - Help Even the Smallest Wildlife Survive Global Warming. (NWF)

Donate Money - Help Us Stop the Wolf Killing. (DOW)

Send an E-mail - Expose the Truth about Bush’s “Abstinence-Only” Programs. (NARAL)

Send an E-mail - Help fight Ariz. bill to ban ethnic student groups like MEChA, Black Business Students Assoc. (UFW)

Donate Money - Veto the FCC: Support Better Media. (FP)

Donate Money - Sen. Coleman vs. Lilly Ledbetter. (PFAW)

Donate Money - Let's take our country back. (DFA)

Sign the Petition - Senator McCain, reject Hagee. (MoveOn)

Send an E-mail - Tell Your Senator To Oppose The Weak McCain Bill On Veterans Education. (VV)

Send an E-mail - Urge Congress to Protect Wyoming Range. (TWS)

Sign the Petition - Tell Burger King and other food industry leaders to end exploitation in the fields and modern-day slavery in the 21st century. (TM)

Donate Money - End the Bush era in 2008. (MoveOn)

Sign up to be a rapid responder (NARAL)

Send an E-mail - Tell Congress: Investigate the Propaganda Pundits. (FP)

Send an E-mail - Help End A Bear Poaching Plague. (DOW)

Sign the Petition - Outraged Over High Gas Prices? (DCCC)

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