Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Action Alerts

Sign the Petition - Exonerate Erin and Give her child back. (GoPetition)

Send an E-mail - 50 Senators To Fight AIDS, TB And Malaria. (One)

Sign the Petition - Tell Congress: No More Money For Iraq. (Dem.com)

Send an E-mail - Protect Your Right to Work. (ACLU)

Send an E-Mail - Fair Elections Now. (Common Cause)

Donate Money - To support the people of Tibet. (AI)

Sign the Petition - Stop Bad Judges! (PFAW)

Sign the Petition - Not Another Wa! (TM)

Sign the Petition - Help Protect America's Wetlands. (TRCP)

Send an E-mail - Say No to a New Generation of Nuclear Weapons. (CREDO)

Donate Money - Support Choice Today and DOUBLE the Impact of Your Gift! (NARAL)

Send an E-mail - Save Florida's Public Funding System. (PC)

Tell Your Story - About How Pre-K Changes Lives. (NSFS)

Sign the Pledge - The Humanitarian Plege on Iraq. (EPIC)

Call Your Senators - Tell the Senate to Go Digital. (PC)

Learn - What You Can Do For Earth Day. (SC)

Learn - How to Install a Low-Flow Showerhead. (SC)

Write a Letter to the Editor - Inform Your Community About John McCain. (DNC)

Send and E-mail - Tell Congress to help end mountaintop removal mining and protect the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. (NRDC)

Send and E-mail - Urge your representative to ensure permanent protection for our nation's wildlands. (NRDC)

Send and E-mail - Tell the Bush administration to drop its plans for new nuclear weapons. (NRDC)

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