Friday, April 11, 2008

Action Alerts

Sign the Petition: To Stop the TBRC's Tax Cap Proposal. (CC)

Send an E-mail: Tell the members of the TBRC to vote against the Tax Cap Proposal. (CC)

Send an E-mail: Keep religion out of public school science classes. (CFI)

Donate Money: Condi Must Go. (TM)

Send an E-mail: Condi Must Go. (TM)

Sign the Petition: Show the Candidates the Many Faces of Climate Change. (1Sky)

Take the Pledge: Support the National Wildlife Refuge System. (DOW)

Donate Money: Sponsor the Operation: Climate Vote 100-Day Blitz. (ED)

Donate Your Economic Stimulus Check: Give it 4 Good to Help Fight Global Poverty. (EGR)

Sign the Petition: Demand McCain co-sponsor the new GI Bill. (BNF)

Send an E-mail: Tell Senators Reid and Leahy to Stop Confirming Controversial Judges. (AFJ)

Sign the Petition: Stop the Seal Hunt. (IFAW)

Take the Survey: Give feedback to the Wilderness Society.

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