Saturday, October 24, 2009

Catalog of Hate for 10.24

10.24.09: Dail Kos commenter: "A black dyke reached for my breast many years ago, I kicked her in the face. She never did that again. Obama states WE HAVE NOT SEEN NOTHING YET.... Oh yes we have, it is HE...who has not seen nothing yet."

10.24.09: Dail Kos commenter: "Thank goodness there are Americans like Daryl who will stand up for REAL America. Not ex-cons like yourself who hate this place. Your citizenship should have been stripped long ago, you treasonous son-of-a-bitch. "Anti-Muslim"? I hope so. Just as your lame criminal ass is anti-Christian, I am glad to know that there are a few elected officials who are against the 'Religion of Peace.' You are a rotten motherfucker. I wish you ill will and the worst possible life. You are one angry minority asshole, and the US is better off without you, you leftist cocksucking gay-loving, Muslim-worshipping, Obama-bowing, flag-burning, dirt-praying, global warming-believing, Michael Moore-watching, Kos-blogging socialist asshole."

10.24.09: Matt Barber: "All I hear [Treki] saying is that the rest of the world cannot be forced to accept behaviors that are demonstrably destructive to both individuals who engage in those behaviors and to the society around them."

10.24.09: Dallas Police: Ticketed a woman for not speaking English.

10.24.09: Unknown: The racist Obama-Joker image is now a racist Obama-Joker Halloween mask.

10.24.09: Anonymous: "I Support Gays And All, But Don't Want THAT Taught In Schools!"

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