Monday, October 5, 2009

5 National Stories to Read


This is our regular feature where every day I do a post with the top 5 Florida political stories that people are talking about. Each story will include a link to a summary of the story, my brief comment and links to other blogs talking about the story.

1. Alan Grayson apologizes for using the word holocaust: Not a bad move, even though it was obvious he wasn't referring to the Holocaust.

2. Looks like Maurice Ferre is in the senate race: Probably too late to mean anything.

3. Conservatives are creating a Wiki-style Conservative Bible Project: Ha ha ha!

4. Karl Rove donates $1k to Marco Rubio: The conservative establishment is really pushing for Rubio, will it make a difference?

5. Much more on Alan Grayson and his health care remarks...

The Young Turks: This is How the Media Will Come After Alan Grayson

The Seminole Democrat: Finally, Support for the GOP Health Care "Plan"

Smooth Like Remy: Thank You!

Why Now?: More on Grayson

Muttering Jam: American Hero V

Smooth Like Remy: Grayson Strikes Again

The Reid Report: Stand with Alan Grayson

The K.F. Stone Weekly: Shocked! Simply Shocked!

litbrit: More Grayson goodness

Adam Bink: Alan Grayson: "We Need Democrats With Guts"

Adam Green: I got compared to Alan Grayson on MSNBC!

Talk to Me: Let's Get Ready to Rumble!

Smooth Like Remy: URGENT! Please Show Your Support For Alan Grayson.

Pushing Rope: Alan Grayson on the Ed Show

litbrit: What a spine looks like

Clean Up City of St. Augustine, Florida: Political Hotsheet: Alan Grayson -- People Like A Democrat With Guts

Clean Up City of St. Augustine, Florida: Three Cheers for U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL)

Pushing Rope: Thoughts On Alan Grayson

Chris Bowers: Grayson's Teachable Moment for Democrats

Pensito Review: Pelosi: Grayson Apology Not Necessary

Pensacola Beach Blog: Grayson's Guts Go Viral

Democratic Strategist: Rep. Grayson Dust-Up: Another MSM Exercize in False Equivalency

FLA Politics: Grayson Poll

YouTube: Rachel Maddow Interviews Rep Alan Grayson About Bashing Republicans

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