Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Story of the Day

The most talked about story on the Florida blogs the last few days was the economic meltdown and the bailout. Here's what people said...

Eye on Miami (Gimleteye): The economic staph infection

Bark Bark Woof Woof: Not So Fast

tinylittledots: The Great Swindle of 2008

Why Now?: That’s Going To Hurt

Why Now?: Grim Fairy Tales

Why Now?: The Bailout Is A Tough Sale

Blast Off!: How out of touch is the Bush crime syndicate?

Pushing Rope: No Blank Check Paulson Petition

Incertus (Amy): A Kind of Looting

Betty Cracker: Some perspective

Incertus (Brian): So...

BlueHerald 2.0: All Things Financial

Blast Off!: Sign the petition against corporate socialism

Pensacola Beach Blog: Bailout Bill's Sine Qua Non

Why Now?: What’s The Problem?

Pensito Review (Trish): Is It Time to Just Say No to Bailouts?

Stupid Enough Unexplanation: Paulson vs. Dodd

Incertus (Amy): Financial Crisis

Eye on Miami (Gimleteye): How the national financial crisis happened: pushing the referees

Pensacola Beach Blog: Sunlight on the Financial Crisis Legislation

Pushing Rope: The Bailout

Why Now?: Hmmm?

BlueHerald 2.0: What A Fool Believes

Incertus (Brian): Question of the day A Bad First Draft

South Florida Daily Blog: "We Gambled. You Pay."

BlueHerald 2.0: Bailout Roundup

ReidBlog: The Union of Soviet Socialist Republicans

Incertus (Brian): I Love Bernie Sanders

Incertus (Brian): Weird Day

Bark Bark Woof Woof: That Settles That

Betty Cracker: Say no to blank checks

Eye on Miami (Gimleteye): Conditions for the Wall Street Bailout

Interstate4Jamming2: A Couple Of Questions To Ponder

Talk to Me: Wall Street

Bark Bark Woof Woof: More on the Bailout

Pensacola Beach Blog: No to a Blank Check Bailout

BlueHerald 2.0 (Question Girl): BAIL OUT ROUNDUP

Eye on Miami (Gimleteye): Will the Wall Street bailout rouse a passive public?

Eye on Miami (Gimleteye): Depression without a recession: the New New Deal

madfloridian: Florida: 88 former federal criminals were licensed by regulators as mortgage brokers

Incertus (Brian): Dumb statement of the day

Dan Gelber: An apology would be nice

Miami Progressive: Free Market? Only when it works

Miami & Beyond: Socialism for corporations

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