Monday, September 15, 2008

Action Alerts

Send an e-mail: Tell McCain: Internet Access For All (FPIRG)

Send an e-mail: Florida: Protect Wild Animals (THS)

Send an e-mail: Ensure that Department of Health and Human Services Funds Do Not Support Coercive or Discriminatory Policies or Practices In Violation of Federal Law (PC)

Send an e-mail: Protect Yellowstone and the Greater Rockies (NRDC)

Send an e-mail: Ask your Representative to support the United States Cadet Nurse Corps Equity Act (NOW)

Send an e-mail: Urge Board to Reconsider Clemency for Troy Davis (AI)

Send an e-mail: Contact the Department of Fish and Game today and tell them to allow the community to connect to the city water supply (UFW)

Send an e-mail: Save the Endangered Species Act! (SoE)

Send an e-mail: Help Pass Paid Leave for New Parents (NOW)

Send an e-mail: Tell Congress to Say No to US-India Nuclear Proliferation Deal (NAPF)

Sign the Letter: Co-Sign Our Letter on Leaks About Track Palin (VV)

Send an e-mail: Tell Congress to say Yes to clean energy and No to drilling (NRDC)

Send an e-mail: Healthy Energy Development: Protect Our Lands, Waters, and Public Health (TWS)

Send an e-mail: Oppose Untested, Provocative Missile Defense in Europe (UCS)

Send an e-mail: No More Abramoffs (CC)

Sign the Pledge: I'm A Constitution Voter (ACLU)

Sign the Open Letter: I stand with Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America in calling for you to keep veterans' issues at the top of your agenda if you are elected President (IAVA)

Sign the petition: Support the Employee Free Choice Act (ARAW)

Sign the petition: Tell John McCain to Stop Supporting Discriminatory Anti-GLBT Measures! (HRC)

Sign the petition: Set the Rules to End Overfishing (PEW)

Sign the petition: Save America's Last Wild Forests (HFC)

Sign the petition: Sarah Palin Doesn't Speak For Me! (PFAW)

Sign the petition: Stand up for community organizing (Credo)

Sign the petition: Tell Moffitt Cancer Center: Say No To Big Tobacco (PF)

Volunteer: Be a Pollworker for Democracy (Credo)

Make a Phone Call: Don’t Let Big Oil Hold America’s Energy Future Hostage (DOW)

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