Friday, May 14, 2010

National Politics Round-up


This is our regular feature where every day I do a post with the top 5 Florida political blog posts about national stories. They are ranked according to quality, importance of the story and relevance to the present.

1. Smooth Like Remy - Super Centrist Fail: "I'm a progressive and a Democrat and maybe not in that order but its getting harder and harder to defend the way the White House treats their base."

2. Leaflet Descending - New data on tea party sympathizers: "The blue columns display those who support the tea party and the red column is the sample of those who do not. Below each graph are the attributes or issue about each titled group or race."

3. madfloridian - The right wing had big money behind their message for decades: "If you have not read The Republican Noise Machine, do so."

4. Nancy Imperiale - Stop reporting. Start writing: "How many times have I struggled with that. Every day of my writing life, probably. I LOVE the reporting. Hate the writing."

5. Avery Voice - academic freedom is a core principle of higher education, but: "Is it responsibility to buckle to the mob. Is it responsibility not to consider any voices or opinions that are not the generally accepted opinions? Is it responsibility to not listen to voices that might offend? Someone with a checkered past? Rules out a lot of political voices. Someone with a different political or philosophical perspective. Clears out a lot of religious underbrush."

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