Thursday, November 12, 2009

Getting Back Our Power (From the Tea Party "Patriots")

Just as we have to assert our Sovereignty, I feel we need to take other action to restrict the power of our government.

After the New Year, I will be starting a Ballot Initiative here in the State of Florida, to set Term Limits. I am gearing for this Amendment to be placed on the 2012 ballot - which should be enough time to collect the necessary funds for the petition & collect the required number of signatures.

I recommend that States that have Ballot Initiatives should do the same. Below is a link that gives a list of States that have Ballot Initiatives for State Amendments, to Initiate New Laws, Overturn State Statutes, & Recall Officials.

I suggest you check this out, as your State may have an Initiative that you are unaware of. You may have more power than you think!

The Ballot Initiative is one of the most powerful tools that "We the People" have, as we are able to circumvent the Legislature. This is solely between the People & the State Division of Elections.

When I contacted the Florida Division of Elections concerning a Ballot Initiative that I was considering, they gave me three links. The first link gave a complete explanation of the procedure for setting up a Ballot Initiative. The second link gave a sample copy of a petition (it must be in a specific form). The third link gave forms that I needed to fill out. I found the Florida office to be very accommodating. One of you, in each State, would need to find out your specific procedures.

If you don't find your State listed under any of the options, you will have a more difficult time getting something like term limits passed. Obviously, your Representatives are not going to be thrilled with passing legislation that will restrict them in any way,

I suggest the best route would be to try to get your State to pass a law allowing Ballot Initiatives. You would have to find a representative who would be willing to submit this to your legislature. More difficult - but not impossible

What is most important is that we take whatever action is necessary to "take back our power". It is a matter of researching & investigating our options.

The best option would be to get a US Constitutional Amendment limiting terms - that would effect all States. At this time, the Federal Government does not allow Ballot Initiatives:

The US has no initiative process at the national level. In order for any federal initiative to be ever put to voters nationwide would require Congress to propose an amendment to the US Constitution which in order to take effect would need to be ratified by three-fourths of all the state legislatures or constitutional conventions because the frames of the US Constitution, in Article I, Section I, bestowed all of the legislative power upon the legislative branch of the federal government , the United States Congress.

So, we have to do it State by State.

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