Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Help Kendrick Meek Get on the Ballot

The following post does not constitute an endorsement from FPC and we will post other noteworthy releases from other Democratic or progressive campaigns in this, or any other, race from Florida. I think I speak for everyone at FPC, though, in endorsing the idea of getting on the ballot via the petition method as the more democratic approach.

From the Kendrick Meek campaign:

Dear Friends of Kendrick's Grassroots' Movement:

My name is Kate Nowak, and I am the Petition Director for Kendrick Meek for Florida. Instead of showing up in Tallahassee with a check in hand to qualify for the ballot, Kendrick Meek has chosen the path less travelled. He will be qualifying for the ballot by petition, and to get those petitions signed, he needs your help. Every time someone signs a petition, they own a piece of this campaign. Because Kendrick chose this route you will be the reason why he's on the ballot. You have a voice.

We need all boots on the ground, all hands on deck. This is also a historic movement - Kendrick Meek will be the first statewide candidate in Florida history to qualify for the ballot by petition. We need you to join our campaign and make history. Please sign a petition and have your family members and colleagues sign a petition! Make a Petition Pledge. How many can you collect?

Download the petitions by visiting Kendrickmeek.com or by calling 877-FL-4-MEEK (877-354-6335) and we'll mail you as many petitions as you want.

Once you've signed your petition, and collected petitions on behalf of this campaign, we need some more help. We need you to take the next step, for Kendrick, and for this state. Please join our $20.10 for 2010 Club-I'm a member! Can you commit to just $20.10 per month until the election in November 2010? This is less than a dollar a day, but will build the foundation we need to compete in 2010. Join the club!

But your work doesn't end there. Have you visited KendrickMeek.com and signed up to volunteer? Are you Kendrick's Facebook friend? Are you following his twitter updates?

This campaign will succeed because of you. Own this campaign by filling out a petition. Call our offices at 877-FL-4-MEEK (877-354-6335) and we'll mail you as many petitions as you need to sign up your friends and family. And please join our $20.10 for 2010 club. We need your help.

Join me, join Kendrick, join Floridians and be part of the movement for the next step for change.

Thank you,

Kate Nowak

Link to Meek's campaign site

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