Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What's Going On: U.S. Senate Race

The Spencerian: Charlie Crist Lives Up to Empty Chair, Announces for Senate

FLA Politics: Charlie in the Blogosphere

FLA Politics (dantilson): Sorry, Charlie

South Florida Daily Blog: Crist v. Rubio, Et Al.

FLA Politics: Hypocrisy alert

FLA Politics: Charlie makes a mess, leaves a mess

Why Now?: Name Recognition

ReidBlog: The Florida political free-for-all begins

Blast Off!: Crist is in for the Senate. Now what?

Incertus (Brian): Oh please please please

Eye on Miami (Genius of Despair): 2010 Statewide Elections: will Floridians finally have a dialogue about the costs of growth?

Why Now?: From Here And There

The Seminole Democrat: Big Surprise: Crist Jumps Ship as Governor

Progressive Pensacola: It’s official: Crist in Senate race

Why Now?: Quick Analysis Of The Announcement

Pushing Rope: Crist Announces Senate Bid

FLA Politics (dantilson): Untruth and Consequences

Dan Gelber: Welcome Gov Crist

Bark Bark Woof Woof: Crist In the Race

Why Now?: Crist Kicks The Anthill

Natch Greyes: Crist Enters Senate Race

Pensito Review (Trish): Breaking: Republican Florida Gov. to Run for Senate Instead

Equality Florida (Mallory Wells): Crist is in

Talk To Me: Charlie Tuna

Miami-Dade Dems: Pretty crazy: Get the Club for Growth to take out Crist

Flablog: For whom should Dems root?

Generation Miami (Alex Barreras): All talk Rubio vs. Teflon Charlie

FLA Politics (Tally): Can Crist Win a Republican Primary?

Democratic Strategist: Florida Opening

Daily Kos: FL-Sen: The primary battle lines are being drawn

MyDD: The NRSC Endorses Crist while the DSCC Welcomes him

Daily Kos: FL-Sen: Marco Rubio took my advice

Down With Tyranny: Cornyn Endorses Crist In Florida But Too Scared Of Blunt's Corruption To Back Him For Missouri Seat

MyDD: NRSC Endorsement "Policy" Shortchanges Conservatives, Minorities

Pam's House Blend: Crist makes it official -- he comes a U.S. Senate candidate

Daily Kos: Crist Announces, Civil War Begins

Down With Tyranny: Charlie Crist Doesn't Come Out As he Announces He's Running For The U.S. Senate

AMERICAblog: Florida's hard core GOPers take aim at Charlie Crist's Senate run

Pam's House Blend: NPR spikes 'Outrage' review that named names

Daily Kos: FL-Sen: Calling Club for Growth

Daily Kos: FL-Sen: Crist Will Run

Open Left: Senate 2010 Update: Crist Keeps Florida Republican

Pam's House Blend: Report: Charlie Crist will run for U.S. Senate

Down With Tyranny: Will The Film "Outrage" Wreck Charlie Crist's Senate Campaign?

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