Sunday, December 28, 2008

Good Castor

I think Kathy Castor is right on this one:

As Americans, we can not allow our policies to bring more hardship to those we intend to help. As Floridians, we can not expect the Cuban people, many of whom are family to us, to endure more pain. Therefore, I urge you to lift current restrictions on family travel to Cuban and remittances. Doing so will not only provide relife to thousands of people, but will show our commitment to the Cuban people and their families here in America. Then, I encourage you to review and develop a renewed modern plan for Latin America and Caribbean basin.

I echo Michael Hussey's comments on this one:

The current Bush policy is not getting Cuba closer to a democratic society. The best PR campaign is American Cuban coming home and telling their relative how great their lives our in the states. It is hard for the Castro regine to say communism is better when American-Cubans are coming to Cuba with new clothes and iPods.

The time has come for change.

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