Monday, October 13, 2008

The Road to the White House

What are Florida bloggers saying about the presidential race? Here are the top 10 recent posts...

1. Bark Bark Woof Woof: Tilting the Courts

2. Change in Tallahassee: Job Loss: The Price Of McSame

3. Miami-Dade Dems: Antidote to those rumors that he's a danger to Israel

4. Pensacola Beach Blog: Palin Pounded by Alaska Legislature

5. BlueHerald 2.0: McCain’s Health Care Plan to Cut $1.3 Trillion From Medicare/Medicaid

6. The Spencerian: An Obama Lead in Sarasota -- A Bellwether for the State?

7. BlueHerald 2.0: CNN Fact Check on Ayers/Obama Claim: False

8. Pensito Review (Trish): Keating Economics Exposes McCain’s Role in Deregulation

9. Pensacola Beach Blog: McCain Myths

10. Incertus (Brian): Okay, a quick one before I go

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