Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Barbara Boxer on the Cutting Edge of Technology

Well, for politicians, at least. She's trying out a lot of things online:

A few weeks ago, I told you about two social networking tools that have brought together members of our online community in a fun, engaging way.

Already, 5,000 of you have plotted yourself on our Supporter Map to show how far our community spans across the country and around the world -- and more than 11,000 of you have voted in our Issues Poll. (In case you're wondering, Global Warming leads with 25% of the vote as the #1 issue facing America today.)

With such a positive response to these first 2 widgets, we're launching a few more exciting social networking tools on our website -- which you can grab and embed on your own website, blog, or social networking page: Click here to visit our new Web 2.0 Widget page today!

Here's a quick overview of our newest Web 2.0 widgets:

Cozmo Video Player: Our new Cozmo widget allows you to easily watch different video clips we've posted, including a clip of Al Gore and me at an event together, my speech on global warming at the National Press Club, and a CNN news segment where I talk about climate change with Wolf Blitzer. You can even embed our Cozmo widget on your own website, where new videos will be posted automatically as we publish them!

Eventful: Through our Eventful widget, you can vote for me to visit your city for an event. As campaign season heats up, and as the Senate schedule allows, I'll do my best to schedule a visit. So be sure to vote for your city, and invite other friends to participate as well!

Bridgit: With our Bridgit widget, you can easily "bridge" yourself to my Facebook profile, MySpace page, and a host of other online communities that I'm now a part of. I'm hoping that you'll "friend" me on one or more of these sites that you frequent -- and if you ever forget how to get to one of my online profiles, you can always visit my Bridgit page to "bridge" yourself again.

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